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Moved from Kentucky to Arizona

by Anonymous

My wife and I worked for the same company in Kentucky.

We both reported to the same Supervisor.
My wife received a promotion that required our relocation to Arizona.
I attempted to stay with the company in another position if possible, and none were available.
In my wife's new position, I would be reporting to her, which is a Human Resources problem.
I have been denied unemployment due to"
Voluntarily quitting
Quit due to personal reasons
Quitting was not good cause attributable to the employment.

Is there anything I can do until I secure a new job?

Hi Anonymous,

I do wish you had let me know what the company policy was with regard to the reason you can't work for your wife. Usually it includes language that even if members of the same family are allowed to employed .. one cannot be under the direct supervision of the other.

But I see a potential here to show that quitting was not to follow a spouse which would be completely for personal reasons with the only exception being for military spouses, but directly attributable to the employer's rule.

If you requested a transfer but it was denied because of the "HR problem" created by the employer's rule .. I'd call it a forced resignation after you seeked out an alternative to quitting. It wasn't a quit for personal reasons, rather the only alternative due to a company rule.

It's worth a shot.

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