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moving because u are homeless and job would not approve leave of absence until you got your self together

by Amber
(Mississippi Unemployment Benefits)

moving because u are homeless and job would not approve leave of absence until you got your self together

I received short notice that I had to move prior to being off sick from work, I put in for leave of absence because my new residence was over 100 miles away and that would cause a problem for me as far as transportation


What do you mean? How can you quit a job prior to being "off sick from work".

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Dec 16, 2010
unemployment when you quit because you were denied a leave of absence to deal with personal issues.
by: Anonymous

i was out sick for a month, and after returning to work i requested a leave of absence and was denied


I won't tell you it isn't worth a shot since you did return to work and requested another leave of absence due to the personal issues .. which might of actually been caused by being out of work for a month, but I can't guarantee that you will be able to receive unemployment.

Although Mississippi does not explicitly restrict a quit to be attributable to the employment .. they may interpret the facts as needing to be attributable to the employment .. and it would be not necessarily the you requesting the additional leave of absence to deal with the homeless issue so you could return to your job, but whether the employers denial of the request was unreasonable under the circumstances.

My concern is that you said you had to move 100 miles away .. and I can't tell if this was a temporary fix for your homelessness issue until you could secure new housing or if your request and subsequent quit was based on the fact that you now lived 100 miles away.

Aug 16, 2011
quit my job
by: Anonymous

I quit my job because the family member i was living with was moving to Illinois.

I left the state to live with another sister because I couldn't afford to pay rent, car insurance, fuel and groceries on my salary in the area where I was working.

At the time i had no one else to live with.

Quitting for personal financial difficulties require efforts to preserve the employment before you quit ..

Let's try to think about getting unemployment benefits logically.

The first thing you have to understand about quitting a job .. is that most of the states require a voluntary quit to be attributable to the employment and it is a provision in the law that creates exception to this condition.

So logically, if you need to try to shift the responsibility for you decision to quit to something that could be attributable to the employment by exhausting all alternatives available to you first.

Did you have time at the point you knew you'd have to take care of yourself .. to maybe request a transfer a raise .. a something?

Employers are not responsible for the predicaments of financial dependency we place ourselves in through any number of personal excuses we may offer.

Unemployment benefits are for those that have lost their job .. through NO fault of their own.

Aug 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

I quit my job from nyc to move to FL cause of hsrdship. My housband moved a year prior for job I had to stay back cause we were trying to sell our house but paper didnt go through in time so I had to stay to take care of the house situation and my son had stated school already at the time. Now a year later everything went through with the house my son finish school will I quality for unemployment?? And should I appeal if im denied.

Sounds like a very practical solution for a difficult situation, now we should check to see if the NYDOL will agree.

The NY unemployment precedent interpretation index is linked to on the unemployment law page. (click here)

Be sure to check out section 1645 #1 because that's where I found the following:

"The existence of a marital relationship is not necessary for the claimant to show good cause to follow a domestic partner to another locality. Where it is shown that the partner had good cause to move, maintaining an emotionally and financially interdependent committed relationship with a partner constitutes good cause for voluntarily leaving one's employment to relocate. (A.B. 513,233A; A-750-2119)"

A.B. 513,233A; A-750-2119 is a link to the precedent decision which is worth your time to read to understand why you may be able to collect benefits successfully.

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