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Moving from Arkansas to Missouri, Can I collect unemployment?

by TLC
(Rogers, Ar)

I transferred on my job from Oklahoma to Arkansas about 3 months ago, it was a lateral transfer and full time hours etc. My husband came with me but has not found full time employment. Now he has been offered a job in Missouri which would be too far for me to commute with my job.

Would I qualify for unemployment in MO until I could find work? I understand I would most likely have to file through Arkansas but am not sure what the laws are on all of that. Thanks for any help.


Here is the Arkansas statute for voluntary leaving:

11-10-513.Disqualification — Voluntarily leaving work.

(a)(1)If so found by the Director of the Department of Workforce Services, an individual shall be disqualified for benefits if he or she voluntarily and without good cause connected with the work left his or her last work.

Arkansas does not have a provision for moving with a spouse..except for certain military spouses.

Missouri does, but only if you both work for the same company.


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