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Moving from Florida to Georgia

by shannon
(ft. pierce, fl)

I am moving from Florida to Georgia because my boss does not have enough work to use me full time, so I've only been working about 3-days a week.

With part time work, I can barely pay my bills, and there's not much to offer in my small town.

Also, my boss is a jerk and generally comes up short on work when he's in a bad mood.

He's also very retaliatory and will likely get p.o.'d when I do finally leave.

Is there any chance I can get unemployment when I move?

Hi Shannon,

It's likely if you been reduced from full-time to part-time you might be able to collect unemployment now .. Partial unemployment benefits that is.

Whether you get benefits or not when you quit to move is another matter altogether.

Quitting to move in Florida is disqualifying.

Getting benefits because for quitting because the employer has substantially changed the conditions of employment by cutting your hours drastically is a possibility, but it depends on how long ago this happened.

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