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moving out of state

by sharon

My husband was recently offered and accepted a job in Nevada.

I plan to "quit" my job and move to be with him. Until I can find another job can I collect California Unemployment Benefits?

This is a question that's been asked about often here.

The answer varies depending on the state benefits would come from.

Here's the link to California unemployment's (The EDD) position on personal good cause for quitting to move.

Your reason however is that your spouse has accepted a job in a different state .. so the circumstances of accepting that job are of importance.

Since you are the moving parry when you quit, your burden for quitting due to personal reasons iin California is to be able to show that you sought reasonable alternatives to quitting and that's basically how you can be seen as having necessitous and compelling circumstance that even a person desirous of maintaining employment couldn't.

Understand you're the one that has to fulfill that burden while you still have a job .. and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be good to go .. unless there is something about that job offer that might hurt you.

I mention this only because in a state like PA a spouse that accepts a unilateral job offer .. raises questions about a claim for benefits of the spouse that quits .. just how necessitous and compelling can a unilateral job move be unless there's some special advantage.

Just saying, you can 't be too careful when it comes to looking at a burden from all perspectives and plugging any holes you might see.


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