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Moving to Wisconsin while collecting California Unemployment?

by Bob
(Bay Area, CA)

I may have to move to Wisconsin and live with my brother as I can no longer live on $450 a week unemployment and pay high rent? Can I still collect California unemployment in Wisconsin? I've read the California statutes regarding unemployment and I have found nothing stating that if I move to another state I may not qualify? I don't want to contact the unemployment office in California only as a last resort. Any information any one has will be greatly appreciated.

Yes Bob, you can move to Wisconsin and continue to collect your CA benefits.

But you want to make very sure you "follow procedure" for changing your address and following through with any other requirements .. like registering with WI for work once you get there.

Oh, and by the way .. while you are in transit from CA to WI .. be sure to let the state know the truth .. that you were able and available for work while you were moving .. I'd hate to see you end up with a suspension of benefits .. while they take their sweet time "investigating".

My suggestion .. Call them and document the phone call with an email to confirm the conversation.

I have OCD when it comes to documenting:)

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