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moving with fiance who's job was transferred out of state?


I quit my job in PA due to my fiance being transferred from PA to NC. My fiance would have lost his job if he had decided not to transfer. It has been 2 1/2 months and I have not been able to find a job in NC(I am in the medical field and did not think this would be an issue.) Would I be eligible for unemployment in PA? Is this one of the states who recognizes this as a valid reason to quit? I do not want to burn any bridges with my former employer unless necessary so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Yes, it's possible to collect unemployment in PA if you have a compelling and necessitous reason to move, but PA makes you prove it was necessary and they also will require that you tried everything else before you quit to move.

What I don't know is if being "just engaged is enough".

The PA Eligibility Guide uses the word "spouse", this gives me enough pause to tell you that statutes are general in nature and they become specific when they are interpreted with "precedent decisions".

I know California has interpreted their statutes to include significant others, but I don't know about PA.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would come back and update me with a comment to let me know what you learn.

You can do some "free legal research" at .. they have a 24 hour free pass and they at least use to let you email "unemployment decisions" to yourself during that 24 hours.

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