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multi-store manager

by Lin
(Baltimore MD.)

A new district mgr. took over 24 stores i managed two of those stores. one store had a high theft rate which i complained to management about, and ask them to sensor the products as they did in my other store. no action. after returning to my store after a day off, i discovered 54 empty boxes of products missing. i contacted "loss prevention" that morning and spent hours on phone documenting same. I suggested employee theft as my ast. mgr. quit and the girl working the day of theft had her father turn in her key and missed her last shift.

I was fired for having a "shrink" of 5% which is grounds for dismissal. I filed and was granted unemployment benefits in spite of employers objection. They have filed an appeal, but am not sure what the reason is. how do i protect myself? LN

Hi Lin,

What, did you work for a shoe store that begins with P and ends with S?

I would suggest that you combat the employer's contention that you were the one responsible for the shrink by focusing on your efforts to get the product sensors.

In addition, if the increase in shrink was effected by that one massive theft and you were not on duty .. I know why they fired you, but it might be very difficult to prove that it was due to any misconduct.

Use the MD decision digest to prepare for the hearing .. don't want you to have to repay any benefits.

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