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Must I file unemployment? FL

by lisa

I was laid off from a family business (willingly). My lease has a clause that states that if I become unemployed, I may give 30 days notice to vacate. I have done this and provided documentation, however, they state I MUST file unemployment to be considered laid off. can i be forced to file unemployment?


It seems to me you are talking about two entirely different things.

If you were laid off (willingly? or otherwise) there is no law that requires you to file for unemployment benefits.

But you're talking about just filing for unemployment to comply with the terms and conditions of breaking a "commercial property lease" without a penalty of some sort.

That I have no knowledge or any idea about except to say, I would think you need to contact uh .. maybe a lawyer who specializes in real estate.

And maybe an employment attorney who can help you file for unemployment .. since you were "willingly laid off" .. which seems itself a contradiction in terms to me.

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