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My appeal today

by Mary
(LaBelle, Florida)

Good Afternoon, I had a appeal hearing today because employer was not disputing payments but disputing the reasons of voluntary resignation as a assistant manager at a convience store. My voluntary resignation was due to my own personal health , restrictions from doctor , which will be permanent weight restrictions ( lifting nothing over ten pounds). I have worked for this company and I know for a fact light duty would have went to full duty which would have landed me out sick again. The state of florida approved me at first saying " The reason for quitting was with good cause attributable to the employer."" Now I may have to repay all this money. I wish also I would have found this site before today. Thankyou and have a wonderful day.

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Jul 30, 2014
When an employer disputes unemployment benefits allowed ...
by: Chris

When an employer disputes a voluntary quit reason and files an appeal, they are going to try to show why the voluntary quit was without good cause so benefits will stop being paid, an overpayment determination issued to get back what has been paid thus far all so they won't be charged for your benefits, causing their unemployment tax rate to escalate which is how the state recovers the amount of benefits paid.

If you had found this site earlier, I would of told you it didn't matter what you knew the employer would try to make you lift after you presented them with medical documentation, but that you made that effort and did present that information so if they did try to make you lift it anyway, or fire you for refusing .. you might have proof of good cause to quit and collect unemployment benefits.

We can't self diagnose to avoid certain essential functions of a job, but then an employer who refuses to accommodate an employee with bona fide medical restrictions .. is also barking up the wrong tree as well .. if that restrictions has something to do with a disability covered under the ADAAA.

Or they think they can deny unemployment benefits .. saying you didn't inform them of the restrictions .. so they could accommodate you .. and you submitted evidence to the contrary.

UI isn't really rocket science .. it's good sense and strategies that prove stuff that needs to be proven.


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