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MY bad luck unemployment

(Missouri Unemployment)

My unemployment was coming and I got two checks and then they said I've been receiving checks since last Jan. I go to straighten this out and the person I need to talk to isn't in. So I go back when the person is suppose to be there, she's out sick. Now this is going on about three weeks. How do they expect people to live?

Does unemployment stop because one person is out sick.

It's their mistake and the people have to suffer because of this. you make a mistake and see how fast you are denied.
To who can answer this question
Thank you

Hi E. First, I removed your name and the name of the city you live up above because someone needs to protect you from yourself .. even I don't use my real name on this site in case i ever need to get another job to make ends meet. (if it wasn't your real name and city .. my apologies for assuming so).

Secondly, I only noticed two questions and not enough information to answer either very well.

Does unemployment stop because one person is out sick?

You said "they said" you'd been receiving benefits from last January, did they say it in the form of a determination of benefits and did you appeal it?

Once the claim dept. decides something .. most people will have to appeal to resolve the issue and begin collecting benefits once again.

How do they expect people to live?

Trust me .. no one thinks about this question anymore than I do, however, I also understand the futility of asking the question and instead try to help people like you, focus on finding the next best thing .. a possible resolution to what is really no one's problem but yours.

Unemployment is a process requiring legal-like objectivity .. and it is our emotions .. including frustration with some of the more ludicrous things that can happen beyond our control we have to put aside so we can get to solving the problem .. on UI laws terms.

If you found out about the suspension of your benefits via a paper determination received in the mail .. it must be appealed timely if you don't want it to stand .. whether right or wrong.

If you haven't yet received that determ .. you need to spend your unemployed days on the phone until youu speak with a claims rep that will help you .. and without that determ .. you need to insist that a determination be sent to you .. SO YOU CAN APPEAL

You need an appealable determ. to resolve this.



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