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My boss called me at home and screamed at me

by Jennifer

My boss called me at home and screamed at me.

I sent my boss a text and asked her if she was upset with me for any reason. She then proceeded to call my phone screaming at me and telling me she was pissed off now. She makes comments at work towards me to the customers, cuts my hours and my pay when she is mad and makes the work environment very hostile. She will cut hours instead of firing because she doesn't want to pay unemployment. I have seen this happen to at least two other employees.


You know what I don't understand after answering hundreds of questions from individuals that want me to tell them if I think they have good cause to quit because of something their boss did or does to them?

Why do people still insist on thinking that a screaming boss is what makes good cause to quit .. when good cause needs to be substantiated proof of the actual idiocy of a bully boss and this is generally done by making efforts to stay employed by trying to get the bully boss to be reasonable about the way they treat you.

Why did you send a text message to your boss asking if she was upset with you for any reason?

Did your boss send an inappropriate text messages to you or did something happen recently at work?

When she was screaming at you .. did you have a witness who could hear it because you put it on speaker phone so you'd have a witness to the screaming?

Have you sent an email to your boss requesting a meeting to discuss her inappropriate behavior?

Is there someone above her or is their a policy book with a grievance procedure you could address this problem with?

Have you filed a complaint with either your
state labor board about the verbal abuse or filed an EEOC complaint?

Have you kept a dated journal of each inappropriate thing said or done .. including punitive measures she has unfairly imposed against you? And have you counter documented any of your objections to these unfair and unwarranted punitive measures so they become part of your personnel file .. or at least your personal file?

Do you have anyone on your side at work that has witnessed this bullying? Would they testify on your behalf at a hearing if you promise to testify on their behalf should they get fired for helping you?

There's a pattern developing here .. wouldn't you say?

If you ask about quitting .. the details that matter are the efforts you make to save the job.

Collecting unemployment when you quit comes down to the fact that you as the moving party have a burden to meet and you must take an objective or if you prefer .. a detached approach.

Reasonable requests for accommodation. Reasonable objections raised to the way an employer speaks to you or threatens you.

If one loses their fear .. one begins to see ways to prove things.

But most of all, if one loses their fear of a bully .. most bully's will no longer see you as an easy mark to victimize.

I can empathize with you, but in the final analysis .. if you want out of this situation with benefits .. we all have to realize that the only person's actions we can control are our own and inaction is not an option.

By the way, I removed your last name .. because it's not wise to include it as prospective future employer and even current employers search the internet high and low for information employees leave behind them.

It's sorta like having toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

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Sep 11, 2012
Screaming Boss
by: Anonymous

When I was a truck driver, I had a Dispatcher who would blow off the handle even when it was his mistake. We all complained to corporate, but we were never believed. Finally one of the drivers recorded a call. He showed up to a cement plant at 2am and the silos were full. So he called the dispatcher to ask what to do with the load and was screamed at and called an idiot. When he got off in the morning he went straight to corporate and played the tape. They called in the Dispatcher who denied yelling at the driver. They played him the tape and then fired him for lying.

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