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My Boss is Being Unfair About Making it Possible to Accept A Three Month Temp Job

by Sally

I've worked at this place, going on 6 years.

Recently I got an offer for a 3 month temporary position for a big company. I told my boss I needed to take 3 months off, but unfortunately she won't let me.

I even tried to negotiate with her saying I could work there 2 days a week and 3 days at the other place.

I feel mistreated because she has allowed other employees to work there and at other places.

So, why can't she do the same for me?

At one time, she was telling me that even the Ceo could decide who could get their position back, but it was only up to her.

Now she is telliing me I can only take 2 weeks off with pto or without and that she can only save my job for two week.

I feel that i am being force to resign and I want to know if I can get umemployment after my 3 month temporary job is over?

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Aug 27, 2015
Sally, your problem is your idea of what being forced to resign looks like
by: Unemployment-Tips

First of all, I don't understand why you feel you're being mistreated in anyway, or being forced to resign. Seems to me your employer is well within the bounds of being reasonable to tell you what they have told you.

What you have before you is a quandary for the at-will choice about who you want/choose to work for.

Your choice is to quit a job, or not.

Clearly, at least it seems so, your problem is you're considering quitting full-time permanent work to work three days a week as a temp.

I've assumed permanency of your current position given you have PTO available.

So, ultimately the choice is yours and yours alone.

You can accept a "temporary" job for part of the three months which is a reasonable offer of compromise coming from the current employer .. at least in my book.

As for unemployment benefits...

Given purging a voluntary quit disqualifications to requalify for unemployment benefits is often an essential factor to consider, when quitting without good cause happens it wise to know what the disqualification purging requirement is (usually WBA x weeks of the DQ). This varies by state.

Other than your need to understand how DQs work with a VQ, you literally, gave me no clues, or hooks, to work with.

I disagree with the overall perspective of your question because it too "victim-like" for me.

I also do not think your current employer should be required by the unemployment department to be charged for any portion of your unemployment benefits based upon the fact your reason would be personal and I see nothing in your reasoning to mee the challenge of meeting the burden of sustaining it as supported by UI law .. of a state I was not even made aware of as being the relevant law applied.

Your reason for quitting your current employer is without evidence of good cause, that might justify why your quit them to accept a three month temp position could be attributed to the employer's fault.

You are not being forced to resign from your job, you are, however, being forced to make a sound decision for yourself and your own employment future .. minus a legitimate discussions of when one can collect unemployment for quitting a job attritbutable to an employer.

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