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My boss was fired then he told me I was next and I was for misconduct

by Cee
(San Diego)

The company I worked for hired ew managemnt and the new management wanted me fired. The laid off all the old manages and then when they fired my manager he told me I was next. My new manager the 1st month tried writing me up for job preformacnce but when I showed them proof it wasn't me they backed off, but attempted this four times in July, Aug, Sept and Oct and then in Nov nothing.Then in December they fired me and said the I was told not to talk to a supplier and I sent that supplier an email so I was fired, I totally forgot about being asked not to email this supplier. So When I did the company got the emails and called me in to HR. I didn't do anything that I thought I would be fird for and was suppended for a day with pay and then the next moring I was terminatd. Will I get unemployment benefits? When I asked the HR Manger if I would get unemployment benefits she said yes, but being that I was send a interview date I am worried they are going to fight it and deny my benfits. I support my family and have no other income so I am worried about his and would love to know what you might think.

Hi, think a "one time isolated error" in the performance of your job .. or think "good faith error". No prior warnings or reprimands.

Clearly the employer is downsizing via hunting for reasons to fire people. But, when an employer does this .. they will never be able to win them all .. they are just trying to reduce the cost that an ethically driven workforce reduction would cost them.

What do I say .. oh ya, unemployment tips are really employment tips.

Misconduct information for California unemployment benefits.

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Jan 06, 2011
You go girl
by: Anonymous

This one's a slam dunk... They can't win if what you've posted is true. That would be like firing a waitress for dropping a cup, or a secretary for missing a period, or a delivery guy for stumbling on the way to the door with the china.

Those are some very good analogies. They differentiate the difference between what we can't control as people vs. what we can control i.e., misconduct.

Such as, a waitress slinging a cup of hot coffee at a customer for not tipping, a secretary who call her boss an asshole for complaining about her not putting a period at the end....... A delivery guy who breaks open the package to use the china before delivery .. because it's lunchtime.


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