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my boss yelled at me after I gave an answer she didnt agree with

by mike

And then told me to answer again and I told her I was afraid to because it might be wrong again and she stood up and told me to get out! That until I was willing to change that this wouldn't work! She did this in front of another employee, she later went to my office and told me I was fired in front of another employee and then I went to her office to say my good byes and she continued to berate me and said she was firing me because she couldn't stand me anymore! I have worked for her for 6 years with out any reprimands or any write ups, I have an excellent attendance record and have always received raises and bonus every year but for the last several weeks she has for some reason threatened basically everyone in the company and I guess I just happen to be the one she finally unloaded on.

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear it. I think you'll get unemployment if you basically tell the state what happened .. just like you did here.

If she protest that it was insubordination that made her fire you. And if for some strange reason the state of California denies initially .. appeal. It's very doubtful she'd be able to sustain the burden at hearing.

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