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my boyfriend moving and i work the late swing shift and do not have anyone to watch my son

by shelby lucas
(sault sainte marie, michigan,united states)

my boyfriend left the state for work and i was left taking care of my child by myself, my employer saw that i was having a hard time finding people to take care of my son..he is a very hard child to take care of plus has extreme skin has problems sleeping...he offered me a voluntary layoff so i could stay home with my son but he had to recall me in april because i was a full time permamnent employee and he couldnt hire anyone else without calling me first...but i am still in the situation where i have no one to watch my child till midnight, and im going to be moving with my boyfriend when he gets through his academy...can i refuse my job and hope if i reapply for unemployment my employer wont fight me on it considering he realized and understood my situation before..i have worked for this company for eight years and i feel like i am entitled to unemployment considering i have paid for so many years into it.


I don't think you have a chance unless you let the employer know that you have exhausted all alternatives for finding childcare and ask if they could possibly switch you to a different shift that would work better for you .. Plus .. you have the future quit working against you as well.

The biggest flaw is your belief that the employer won't care if you get unemployment.

The fact is Shelby that you haven't paid a thing into the fund that funds unemployment benefits .. it is "employer funded" by a tax anywhere from .06% to 10.3 percent on the first $9,000 dollars you and every employee earns each year and that's just Michigan.

If you collect unemployment that is what increases the percentage of the tax the employer pays on that 9,000.

Now we know why employers fight unemployment .. in Michigan at least.

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Mar 22, 2010
by: carla murray (half pint)

shelby i would say no where would you be eligable for unemployment if you refuse your job back. And yes your employer most likely will fight it. Us employees do not pay into unemployment only the employer. I dont know all the laws but i have been researching a whole heck of alot lately because of a jam i allowed myself to fall into,most of us would kill to be hired (employed), i raised 4 children 3 boys 1 girl i feel for you and i did it as a single mom no welfare no childsupport, i know its tough but you gotta do what it takes to put the roof over his head and food in his belly. GOOD LUCK!!!

Hi Halfpint:)

You are correct, refusal of the job is her biggest obstacle, but the laws .. and specifically, state specific precedent decisions may allow for a voluntary quit if the parent is single, but just so Shelby or anyone else reading this doesn't get the wrong idea .. the burden to prove you turned yourself into a pretzel trying to keep the job needs to be proven .. in states that may allow for this type of thing.

In addition, she said her "boyfriend" moved. The type of relationship that becomes the motivator also needs to be considered because most .. not all, but most states specify "marriage" as being a relevant relationship.

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