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My empkoyer put i voluntarily quit when I was actually fired

I worked at directv for 3 years. And until the day I was fired I thought i was a great csr. I was told that i had to go to HR. And that whole week they were firing So when I asked my teamleader before I went was I getting fired. He said yes. I asked so why do I have to go to HR. I should just leave. He then said its for my exit interview. When I get in the office it's my Supervisor and the head of HR. I was then told that I'm in a conference call with the head of security. I asked was I fired. He said let me explain why your here first. And started accusing me of cheating the system due to my incentive was high for the last 3 months. I then went on the defense. I figured I'm already fired so why sit her and go back in forth when nothings going to change. I knew I was fired when I walked in. So I left. I was hurt by the situation so I left a voice mail explaining that. I later get seperation papers saying I voluntarily quit due to my voice mail. Fast forward I file for unemployment and they denied it. The head of HR even went as far as lying saying I threw my badge at her.I'm currently trying to appeal it. During my phone interview I was told that they even put the wrong date for date I was fired. So is there anything that I need to make sure I put in my appeal?


Do you mean besides, the fact that you handed the employer everything they need to sustain that you quit?

That was some poor defense ..

I'm sure you've heard the expression "It ain't over until the fat lady sings .. you, Anonymous, are the fat lady.

You might try to subpoena your personnel file .. maybe the termination papers and the investigation the head of security conducted are still in there .. so you can prove the employer was indeed going to fire you.

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