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My Employer Has Appealed My Unemployment

by Alex

I left my position because I was being harassed.

I submitted my resignation letter and a couple days later I received my last paycheck and a letter from my boss accepting my resignation. On my unemployment claim I stated voluntary quit but with good cause. I was denied after the telephone interview and appealed. I was granted benefits but my former employer appealed with a lie stating that I was discharged for misconduct.

I don't know how they will prove a lie, but the audacity of it worries me because I don't know what's up their dirty sleeves. What do you suggest? And why would they do this? Thanks for your help!

Hi Alex,

Any possibility you could be more specific about what occurred at your California unemployment appeal hearing?

If you won that and the employer has now appealed to the California Unemployment Appeal Board, I would suspect that the employer was not present for the first hearing.

It' better to start here .. so I can think about whether their appeal to the board is something to be concerned about or not.

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