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my employer is changing my hours to hours I cannot work due to my childcare

by nikki
(ormond beach florida)

I work at a doctors office and we had 3 drs and 1 nurse practitioner; however 3 have resigned and now the owner doctor is talking about extending our shifts from what I was originally hired to work. My children's daycare have to be picked up at 5:30 and he's talking about working until 6:30 or 7pm. If he fires me because I cannot accommodate his new hours can I receive unemployment?

Very possibly, the employer is changing the conditions of employment. Wouldn't be a bad idea to explore ways to make it possible though.

Just make sure the doctor is aware of the impossibility of what he's talking about. Talk to him about other possible solutions that would allow you to continue work and pick up the kids.

That way you can truthfully say you made every effort to workout a suitable solution.

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