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My employer is moving to another city and it is too far.

by Teresa
(Beaumont, CA)

I have been with this government employer for over 10 years, currently work 30 min and they are moving the office about 1.5 hours aways. I have asked to be transfer to a office closer, because it is a financial and physical hardship on me and my family. I have request for over 6 months and I still have not received any response back. Our office is moving and only a few are staying back. Am I eligible to collect unemployment due to the hardship?

Hi Teresa,

You need to read Sections VQ 150, 440, and 135

I know there are relevant discussions under each of those sections that may apply to you and your situation.

The main factor is that it is the employer who is moving .. not you and next you have requested to be transferred to another location .. with not response (hope you have retained documentation which proves the request).

As far as how far is too far .. they consider a number of factors .. You might want to read some CA precedents to see how they decide this.

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