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My Employer is Wanting Me to Do Tax Evasion

by jo
(Montebello ca)

I work for a dentist...their daughter is CEO and recieved salary bi-weekly. She has always been issued 1099 for her income. This year their CPA and the owners daughter and owners wanted me to omit over $50,000 of income. I have this in writing from them. When I said that it's illegal the owners, general manager and the daughter started harassing me and telling me I am not allowed to talk to any employees. Ask where I am going, making me ask to go to lunch and telling them when I leave to go home. They also cut my days, want me to continue to do my same work and get it done faster.

they also asked me to take off invoices to get a loan. So they can deceive the banks. This has caused me great deal of stress.

Chris's Response

Frankly, I've just assumed you are wondering if you might receive UI benefits if you quit.

But I'm not someone who encourages many to quit their job before they first try to preserve their job.

If my employer began retaliating against me because I refused to do something I knew to be illegal and I had proof I was asked to do it, and that after refusing, my employer began trying to make my life miserable with illegal punitive measures that feel a lot like retaliation for refusing to help them illegally, I would begin my documenting efforts by first asking those who may be able to help me resolve the problem because that's their job.

Contact the California Division of Labor Standards and tell them details about what you are currently dealing with, but please don't quit yet.

At least not yet, or until you have exhausted efforts that literally can show you were desirous of retaining your job and the employer turned out to be the party that made further efforts futile.

I wish you well, and don't forget it's clarity about how UI benefits work while we still have a job, that can point us in the right direction to take a peek at our employee rights while we are still an employee as possible avenues to exhaust to make UIBs work for us .. an all because of the document trail official complaint processes create pre-unemployment.

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