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My full-time hours were cut to less then part-time. Can I receive unemployment if I quit?

I was working full-time at a company for 7 years. Recently due to the economic meltdown of CA my hours we're cut to 4 days a week. A month later down to 3 days a week and sent home early on some days. Then I was told I would have to have my hours cut down to 2 days a week or less. I cannot survive on that shoot I couldn't even afford gas to get there and it was only 15 miles away. I had to quit. I was receiving benefits until this month then I got scheduled for a phone interview. Should I be worried?

Anytime you have to talk to someone who can take the money right out of your pocket .. you should be "concerned".

I suggest you begin by making sure you understand
this information. Then you might want to check out some other relevant sections .. such as VQ150

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