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my husband and I seperated in maryland and my boss wasnt going to increase my pay so i could live on my own and pay daycare and i am not from Maryland nor have family there so I had to move to Florida

by chass

I currently am looking for a job but its hard and I had no choice but to move and leave my job of 5 years.

Hi Chass,

I don't believe you will be able to get unemployment benefits in Maryland or Florida for your circumstances.

Maryland, which is the liable state only has provisions which would apply if you had to separate due to domestic violence and then there may be an opportunity to qualify.

Section B. on this page discusses situations which may create an exception to a voluntary quit needing to be connected with the work.

I didn't mention Florida becausew Maryland is the state that you should apply in for benefits .. even if you do it through the state of Florida .. it's Maryland that decides.

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