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My husband received unemployment when he was suspended for 45 working days, Now he has been suspended again will the recieve unemployment benefits this time?

by christie warner
(bay point, ca , usa)

He works for the garbage co. and it is a cut throat job. His boss will write you a letter and suspend you for anything. He had a hydraulic leak he did not notice it was leaking because it leaked only when he had his handle up and he could not see the leak. They wrote him up for negligence because he had been trained on leaks and should have spotted this. It cost the company 6,000 to clean up. His boss led him around on a string saying he would only suspend him 7 days but in the meeting changed his mind because, the boss made the meeting personal beginning by saying, my husband puts his colleagues in danger, and he does not want to work etc. My husband let him know that this was not the case. To make a long story short he has 45 working days no pay. Because he has letters in his file from other incidents, the union can not grieve it.

Hi Christie,

A disciplinary suspension is basically just like being fired .. only temporarily. The state will examine the reason for the suspension.

You'll want to read Section E listed under MC 5 It explains how and why someone may or may not receive unemployment benefits while suspended from work.

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