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My husbands job is treating him like a slave!!!!

by Anonymous

I was wanting to see if my husband could get unemployment if he quits his job? My husband has been trying to move up and to make more money and they will not let him.They expect to much of him. They leave messes and make him clean it all up.My husband is not get many hours.My husband really wants to move up and make more money but when he asked the boss all he said was that you are a hard person to replace meaning that he can not move up.My husband has been with this company for seven years and has not gotten to move up. At one time he was asistant manager and they took that away from him and gave it to someone else.A bunch of times his boss waits till my husband gets to work to do all the work and she goes out side and smokes. One time my husband had a line of customers and he was calling for her and she was not helping my husband at all.

Hi Anonymous,

Nothing jumped out at me as being good cause to quit and get unemployment, but you may have left out something that would have.

I suggest you read decisions in The Colorado Online Reference Library

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