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my job dropped me down from full time status to part time status and took all my benifits away/plus my wife was not allowed on the premases because she cussed a cashier out who made sexual adavnces

by richard pethtel
(houghton mi.)

my wife was shopping and i work in the meat department as she was going threw the line a cashier named wendy asked who my wife husband was so she could use my 10% employee coupon when she told her who i was wendy told my wife how sweet and goodlooking and wonderful i was causing my wife to get upset so she cussed her out and my boss larry kicked her out...then i missed a day of work mind you i never called in sick 1 time in the 2 years i worked there..they took away my full time status and put me as if i were a new employee taking away all my vacation pay holiday pay dental etc...i dont want to work somewhere where my wife cannot go and it was not her fault and then they take away all my status because i called in because my wife had a death in her family witch is in the handbook that i should have been paid for that..last week i drove to work and my wife was in the car with me we had an argument when my wife left econo foods had my wike aressed for tresspasing..there was never any court paper stating she could not be on the property let alone even the i had no option but to quit

You'll have to let me know how this turns out for you. Because I'm guessing I'm only getting one side of the story here.

What I can tell you is you quit .. therefore, it's harder to get unemployment because I'll just bet you didn't document anything.

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