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My job moved me to another state and now I feel I may get layed off. Which state do I collect from?

by annon

Since ausgust of last year I have been working for a company in PA. As of March this year I started working for their sister company which is based in NJ. Since March my payroll changed to this NJ based company, but I stayed in their PA office and had PA taxes taxen out of my paycheck. Just as of last month, they relocated me to their NJ office and started taking out NJ taxes. Now I have a feeling I will be layed off in the next month of so. Do I collect from NJ b/c I am currently working there? Or from PA b/c I have paid more taxes to PA in the time I have been working for this company? Or was this some kind of scam to make me inelligable for unemployment since I have not met the time/salary requirements since I have been in nj? I am very confused by all of this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


File in PA.

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