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My long Term Temp Assignment ended how can I get unemployment?

by Anonymous

I was recently let go due to what my immediate supervisor said was unprofessionalism (because I had the audacity to tell a Quality Analyst how they made me feel with a scathing performance review they gave me). I was on this project for 2 years. The company I work for outsources to various temp agencies in the U.S. The temp agency is Kelly Services.

I never received anything in writing. Just notified over phone conversation. I was told that my assignment had ended but that I am still able to work for kelly services on other projects. Frankly I don't wanna work for kelly services any longer. This whole thing has put a really bad taste in my mouth.

I was a top performer at this job for a the whole 2 years I was on the project.

I just know they are going to deny my claim with some kind of loop hole.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

Hi Anonymous,

This would be the second time you asked your question, the first being I answered you via email.

It went something like this ...

Sorry **name deleted**. Your question does not strike me as being general in nature about temp employment, nor about anything I haven't taken on in the Q&As before about discharges for work misconduct .. even if from a temp agency.

From my perspective, you are asking for advice that would be specific to details and the circumstances for why Kelly may, or may not have good cause (work misconduct) to have yanked you from a work assignment without that supposed final warning, which is not always necessary to prove to avoid futility to fight benefits.

Did they (meaning Kelly) proffer another assignment .. provided you also complied with any terms or conditions you were made aware of at time of hire by a temp agency relating to Michigan's UI temp worker provision. See table 5-7 at the following link.

See Table 5-7

Temp worker provisions are mentioned on the page I wrote about temp employment.

Please feel free to use the search bar and narrow your search of the Q&As

Of course, there is the option you ignored ..

Coaching which is how I now offer specific advice and recommendations that may improve a person's odds of someone getting benefits.


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