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my nevada unemployment appeal was reversed....what does that mean?

by christa
(las vegas nv)

I appealed my denial of unemployment, had a telephone interview with my previous employer present and 7 days later found out it was reversed. what does that mean?

It means you get benefits. Congratulations!

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Dec 06, 2017
For "to whom it may concern"

A hearing decision, not being made yet, doesn't mean you've been denied yet again, but that you're still waiting to find out if the initial claim determination will be reversed to finally allow you to be paid benefits.

I would also like to add your discharge for attendance issues without prior warnings to let you know attendance issues related to being tardy and absences from work, doesn't sound like a wrongful discharge because employment in the United States is subject to being an at-will relationship with no good reason needed for an employer to fire someone.

However to clarify what I mean, when I say an employer, nor an employee, doesn't need a good reason to end an at-will employment relationship .. all bets are off if someone files a claim for unemployment benefits.

To be allowed unemployment benefits, either initially, or on appeal of an initial determination denying, it's as important to focus on the burden of proof for proving misconduct to rebut good cause, as it is to focus on proving the burden when an employee quits and is assigned the burden to prove quitting was attributable to the fault of the employer.

My advice, as found in other Q&As is to give the department two weeks to issue the hearing decision .. before freaking out that one hasn't been issued yet.

Chris -

Dec 05, 2017
To whom it may concern,
by: Anonymous

I was working at jfk hospital in housekeeping was there for 8months was fired without a worning he claims it's becabecause of tardiness and absences well I believe he fired me wrongfully well I appealed it cause I was denied unemployment benefits I had a phone interview and it's going on 1week I haven't heard anything about the decision I called and they still haven't made a decision what does that mean? Does it mean I lost ??

Jul 14, 2011
by: Misty

You have won your case... You are now entitled to your Unemployment benefits unless the employer appeals that decision. They have 15 days to do this, if they do not, you will receive Unemployment. Good Luck!

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