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my part time job stopped my benefits

by andrew
(new york)

I've been collecting benefits for 8 months. I worked two jobs one full time which laid me off and one part time job which is now trying to stop it.

The funny thing is that my part time job only gave me 5 hours a week which was nothing to live off of. I asked to become full time and the manager said no.

My question is what will happen to my benefits cuz its under investigation right now.

My main job which I worked full time never argued or called up to protest against me.

Hi Andrew,

Need to ask you a question. Did you quit your part-time job? And if so, when. Was it before or after you were laid off from your full-time job?

The reason I'm asking is continuing unemployment benefits is relative to the separation from the last or most recent work you've separated from.


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