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My salary was cut over half, do i have to take it? - Wisconsin

by Manager

I am a manager for a cbrf for elderly in wisconsin for 6 years. 18 months ago I was asked to take on another facility as manager, so I would run two houses. I was making a salary of thirty thousand when only running one house. I received a ten thousand dollar raise for adding the 2nd house.

I was told on Monday that I am not meeting their marketing quotas and am being demoted to running only the one house. The first one I have had for 6 years. With this demotion I am being told I will only be paid twenty thousand dollars annual salary. I made 47,000 dollars last year.

This cut would be over fifty percent of my income, but if I do not accept this offer then it is considered voluntarily quitting isn't it?

Do I have any rights?

Hi Manager,

I think you need to read some of these past Wisconsin unemployment decisions.

This is the main page of the Wisconsin unemployment decision digest.

It appears that the reduction would be great enough for you to carry the burden of quitting with good cause, but I just want to make you aware that employers, especially those that use cost control companies will protest this. I'm sure if they do, they'll try to prove that you quit because you were reprimanded for your failure to meet quotas. But as I see it...the employer used the demotion as a way to cut cost in the "tough economy". And it's very doubtful they could prove misconduct for failing to meet quotas in Wisconsin (WI is a claimant friendly state) unless they have some evidence of neglect on your part.

They were paying you 47,000 a year to manage two and now they'll only have to pay 40,000.

If the employer does come at it this way...know that you should do some counter documenting (before you quit) which raises your "valid objections" to what amounts to a punitive measure for something beyond your control in this economy. It just good practice for all employees to do this when an employer tries to pull a fast one. It takes some wind out of their to speak and might possibly help them reconsider their decision:)

Please do be sure to read the decisions because you are the one who will best be able to detect any problem your situation may have.

And if you would be so kind as to come back and post a comment to your submission to let anyone else in Wisconsin wondering about the same thing how it all turned out.


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