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My son has turned 18 yrs of age - state of illinois

(Belvidere, il, usa)

My son has turned 18 yrs of age (state of illinois) and my next call in date is November 10, 2009. How should I answer question about Dependent status for my son turning 18 yrs old. He turned 18 between the two call in periods. So October 25th thru Oct 31th he was 17. Will this effect the second week?


Yes, I would assume it would effect the second week. DA's are not something I'm very familar with, but I did find some information on the IL Unemployment website.

Although most states require us to certify bi-weekly. Each week is independent of the other and ask the same questions all over again.

The third point seems to be self-explanatory as to how you will need to answer the question about dependents for the second week.

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