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My store is closing and transfering might be an option if there is openings.

by Jenny H.
(Los Angeles, CA)


I work retail and my store is closing, but what they are telling us right now is that they might transfer us to other locations. Only thing is that these locations might be really far from where we are. A severance package will be given if we are laid off. My question is if the employer gives me the option to transfer to a location that is far, but I decline and receive my severance package. Also, I am attending a Cal State and I receive finical aid loans, but its just to cover the cost of tuition and nothing else. What are my chances of getting approved for unemployment once my severance package is over? Will it be a problem since I declined the transfer and get loans from finical aid? I been working since I was 16 and now 23 there was only a period of 4 months between that that I have not worked.

Thank you for your help. I'm at a complete lost with this.

Hi Jenny,

If you refuse a new job at a different location the determination will be based on how far away it is. The determination guide addresses the issue of travel time and distance to work VQ150 What you need to keep in mind is that it is the employer who is altering the conditions of employment .. and made further employment become unsuitable. you do have a right to refuse if that distance is unreasonable, but it must also be great enough to be unreasonable to the state.

Now onto the issue of school.

California doesn't automatically disqualify someone for attending school. The state has to investigate whether attendance at school will interfere with your ability or availability for suitable work because looking for work and taking suitable work when offered is an eligibility condition for collecting unemployment.

I would say that since you have worked and gone to school concurrently for a long time now you have successfully managed this aspect. The issue would be "Able and Available" or AA40.

It's a good guide and you'll be able to figure it out .. I'm certain of it:)

Best of luck Jenny. I have nothing, but admiration for those who strive.


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