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My Unemployment Rep was Donald Cummings for a NC ESC Appeal

by by S Franklin
(Charlotte, NC)

I want to acknowledge the "Unemployment Tips" site and Chris as being very good, and an excellent source of information and service, especially in my time of need. This site provides a lot of helpful information and I am very pleased with the unemployment representative referral to Don Cummings.

My initial free consultation with Mr. Cummings went very well. He took the time needed to understand my situation, myself, what happened, and provide input.

I decided to use his services and to have him coach\prepare and represent me at my North Carolina unemployment appeal hearing.

The cost was very reasonable, especially considering the time he put in with me prior to the appeal hearing; the coaching and preparation processes. Just hang in there, everything falls into place...

I was fully prepared (and confident) for the NC unemployment appeal proceeding thanks to Mr Cummings. I could not ask for anything more.

I'd highly recommend him to anyone!!! He is an excellent coach and prepares well.

PS – the NC ESC appeal hearing result is that previous determination, ‘claim denied’, will be reversed… we won.

S Franklin

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