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National Guard Need Not Apply?

by Tired Troop
(Birmingham, AL)

I am a member of the Alabama National Guard. My unit was mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan for one year. Upon return, I have been unable to find a full time job. Prior to deploying, I had worked as a CNA, but at the time of my deployment I was not working full time. After a few months of no luck finding a job, I contacted the Alabama unemployment office. I was told that because I am still in the National Guard (one weekend a month only) I am not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Is that true?
Does being a full time employee as a mobilized National Guard soldier disqualify me for unemployment benefits if I am unable to find a job upon return?
Is it possible to get the payments I should have received but was told I am ineligible for (back payments)?


Let me get a little clarification .. the best way to do that is for you to cite the reason for denial you received from the state of Alabama word for word.

I've got this feeling it might have something to do with your availability for work .. maybe even the limitations you are putting on the type of work you are searching for.

Also, you first stated you need only be available for the National Guard one weekend a month. This is what might make some idiot at the state say you are not available to accept full-time work .. which is the eligibility requirement unless a state has a part-time worker provision ..

Or that because of that one weekend you are refusing suitable work that requires you to work weekends.

The actual language of the determination would allow me to hone in.

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