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Nebraska...If you do not get a commission check can you quit and get unemployment

by Anonymous

If you are paid salary and commission, but do not get your commission check because employer does not have the money, can you quit and get unemployment or do you have to wait until he does not pay your salary check for the same reason?


Before you go walking out the door..understand that a required element of good cause for quitting in any state begins with the "powers that be" looking first to see what YOU did to try to remedy the situation that is making you consider quitting.

I think you should begin investigating your options by visiting Nebraska's Labor Laws You'll notice if you have to hire an attorney to get paid, the employer will not only have to pay you...but your lawyer as well.

If after reading this you have further questions contact the state and ask questions to your hearts desire...that's what they're there for...right?

Most states have their own laws about how wages (and commissions are taxed as wages) must be paid by an employer. If the state doesn't have their own law about this .. you would have to see if the employer is in compliance with the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)

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