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Need to find another job that doesn't require me to be on my feet all day. If I quit to seek more suited employment can I receive UI?

I have problems with my foot that requires surgery to correct. Have not been financially able to do this. The job I currently have requires me to be on my feet 7.5 hours a day. I am going to have to find some other type of work. My employer knows I have problems being on my feet--but there is no other position for me to transfer to. If I quit can I draw UI? I found some info--I think it means I can. Not sure. Thanks

North Carolina General Statutes § 96-14 Disqualification for benefits
An individual shall be disqualified for benefits:
(1) For the duration of his unemployment beginning with the first day of the first week after the disqualifying act occurs with respect to which week an individual files a claim for benefits if it is determined by the Commission that such individual is, at the time such claim is filed, unemployed because he left work without good cause attributable to the employer.
Where an individual is discharged or leaves work due solely to a disability incurred or other health condition, whether or not related to the work, he shall not be disqualified for benefits if the individual shows:
a. That, at the time of leaving, an adequate disability or health condition of the employee, of a minor child who is in the legally recognized custody of the individual, of an aged or disabled parent of the individual, or of a disabled member of the individual's immediate family, either medically diagnosed or otherwise shown by competent evidence, existed to justify the leaving; and
b. That, at a reasonable time prior to leaving, the individual gave the employer notice of the disability or health condition


I just have one thing to say .. medical documentation from your physician telling you that you need to quit and find work where you can sit.

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