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Need to quit job in cali to move to NC because husband is unemployed Unemployment???

by Andrea

Hi - My husband was laid off last month and we are in serious financial trouble. No mater how I work the numbers we will not be able to pay rent by March. After speaking to my in-laws they have agreed to allow us to move in to their cottage in North Carolina rent free till we can find jobs back there. I have spoken to (and gotten written confirmation) from my employer that there is no ability for me to transfer or tele-commute. I'm worried that my employer will try to fight my benefits anyway (being the HR assistant I have watched them fight everything else). I know I have to prove good cause (economic distress/financial hardship), and that i tried to keep the "employer/employee relationship" (even go so far as to ask my employer to hire my husband). What other prep work should I do in the last 2 weeks I will be employed to make my chances for receiving unemployment better?

Hi Andrea,

It sounds like you have read or are familiar with the benefit determination guide.

Just because I believe you can never be too careful and my answers are often based on reverse engineering other possible things one could do to "preserve the employment", which an argument for the other side could be based on ...
I have one more suggestion.

Since you have ran your numbers, have you requested a raise from the employer that would allow you to pay your bills to buy some time for your husband to find another job?

Because your need to quit is based on financial difficulties, this seems a "reasonable" thing to do to me.

Fill the holes.

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Jan 23, 2010
Asking for a raise
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your quick reply! I was just promoted to full time 3 months ago, I'm currently making $14 an hour and would need to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-20 and hour to cover the $500 a month shortfall. But I can address that as an option when I go in to give notice.

Thank you for taking the time to help!

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