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Needing my daughter present for moral support

by Sandy

I have a panic attack disorder.I was told that I had to attend a meeting with my supervisor and a few other people because I had been taken off the schedule due to my car being disabled for 10 days.

I attempted to go to the meeting, asked if my daughter could be present at this "meeting" and was told no. Then I pleaded with them because I started having a panic attack. They refused. And then the supervisor said "You're Done" Basically, I take it that I am fired after working there for 3 years!!

They had medical evidence that I suffer with these attacks.The supervisor actually asked me Why are you acting this way?? I am so upset!!


If we are going to talk about an ability to collect unemployment, I need you to tell me this:

What was supposed to be discussed at the meeting and what were you fired for?

Then, I might actually start asking you why, if the employer had medical documentation of your panic/anxiety disorder .. why you weren't protecting your job with intermittent FMLA leave .. or maybe you were ..

The point is I don't know anything certain at all about your situation at this point, except to tell you that 10 days off of work due to car troubles usually ends up as a discharge for unacceptable absences and unemployment compensation is usually denied if you are absent from work for an extended period of time due to car troubles.

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