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needing to take care of a disabled child

by larodriguez
(Midland, Texas)

My son has been diagnosed as a manic depressive, he is SSI approved and the doctors have written notes stating that my hours at work should not be more than the 8-5 (I work for the state) being that my child needs supervision and attention to get him thru his crisis. (He tried to commit suicide, he was hosptalized and of course keeping him in school is now even harder) I work for the State of Texas (HHSC)who is seriously delinquent in thier cases due to an "upgrading" in thier system. We have been mandated to work overtime from 8-8 including most Saturdays 8-6, Upper management will deny the 8-8 stating that it is only Highly Suggested... I started 2 years ago on April 1st of our original group, about 50% have left due to the hours and that is counting just our call center there are 3 others in similar situations... I love being a caseworker but the ours are ridiculus with no end in sight, more than 7 times have they told us, Oh dont give up now, etc etc aside from not coming thru with promised raises etc... I really do not want to quit, I would like the alternative of tele work-which Im sure they could offer or the consideration to not have to explain myself when I leave at 5 because of my sons situation, I am made to feel guilty... They gave us a guideline of expectations at the time of hire but, they are pushing us to do 4x this before we can leave for the day... Advice please


What? The state of Texas doesn't recognize FMLA or the ADA?

Check out FMLA and ADA.

If it's working now try the Elaw Advisor.

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Feb 24, 2010
needing to take care of a disabled child
by: larodriguez

thanks, elaw advisor is still not up...
I have filled out my FMLA paperwork, I do work my 8 hour shift when Im here but, its the making me feel like crap or like I have to explain myself everyday that I do not agree with... If my sons Doctor says Im needed at home to keep an eye on him should I have to explain myself or ask permission to leave each day? Shouldnt I just be able to say have a nice day and go home since they already know my situation?

Hi again:)


But don't forget who's allowing you to feel guilty .. it's not the employer .. it you .. they're just playing you .. and apparently it's working.

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