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Needing to write an unemployment appeal letter - Kansas

by Tasha
(Dickinson, Tx, Galveston)

I had relocate my Family to Texas from Kansas due to my spouse becoming a Veteran. We had relocated in Aug 2008. I had applied for unemployment since I had to leave my job due to the circumstance. My unemployment had started after I had received my last check which was on the 16th of Aug 2008.

Right before the Holidays, I wanted to find a job for the Holidays even if that meant finding a temp/seasonal job, so I had been applying.

Before hearing anything back from an employer, I had contacted the unemployment office back in Kansas by phone to ask how do I go about claiming still if I was to start a seasonal position with no guarantee of a permanent placement.

The answer was, as long as I wasn't making over the amount which I was entitled, I would still be able to claim.

A week after, I had received a call from an employer. I had worked a total of 3 days, with the first working 4 hours for orientation, the 2nd 4 hours, and the last day a total of 8 hours.

I ended up quitting because I was told that I will be considered as an on call because they could not place me on a schedule due to me not being an actual permanent worker.

On days that I knew I was told to come in on, I had received calls twice from two different managers telling me I did
not have to come into work on those days because there was enough full time workers available.

So that only left for me to be only working at least 1 or 2 days out the week which was nothing that I would have been able to survive off of, so I decided to quit to have the time to find something else.

While claiming every Sunday over the phone, I had made the mistake of not placing those work hours into the system, so now I have to write an appeal to try to qualify again.

While at the same time, they say I owe from receiving that money until my appeal arrives.

I have started a new job which I have still been claiming weekly still because it's not going over my weekly benefits that I'm suppose to receive, and I have been doing it right, now since I was re-explained on how to.

What can I do, or write to have a good appeal letter in regards to my situation, I have been struggling too long not to get this right for a second change.

Will greatly appreciate the help.

Hi Tasha,

Help me out here Tasha...what does the determination you are appealing state?

Is it an overpayment determination? Is it a determination saying you don't have a valid claim for a second benefit year? Is it a determination for willfully misrepresenting or failing to provide information? Maybe refusal of suitable work? What does it say...exactly?

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