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Nevada - Attend 2 year schooling while Unemployment benefits

Was in auto sales and was laid off due to the decrease in business at my dealership. Without success I have been unable to find employment and I am looking into attending a 2 year program to obtain my Radiology certificate.

Can I collect unemployment and attend schooling? The Vegas area is a city where employment is 24 hours a day, also in auto sales I worked evenings and weekends. How should I answer this through the phone system should I be accepted into the program?

Thank you.

I have no idea how you should answer it. You will never hear me telling anyone to lie ..

That is considered fraud and would only make matters worse if you were to get caught.

It is your responsibility to work out your own schedule and availability for work and to make sure that any refusal of a job offer you may report on your continuing claims even when the "department" has referred you to apply for a job listed through them, has a valid argument for being "unsuitable work". Of course they do follow up when they refer you to a job.

I suspect that you are having trouble with what Nevada Unemployment says about availability for work and number 5 specifically.

Have you checked into being approved for any training benefits programs Nevada offers?

Good Luck,

Chris ;)

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