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Nevada - Can I receive unemployment while attending school at night?

by Anonymous

May I receive unemployment while being a half-time student at night to earn my degree?

Hi Anonymous,

Attending school in Nevada is not disqualifying unless you quit to attend school. This would naturally raise the issue of whether you are able and available for work.

But if you are currently collect benefits and decide to attend school you would be disqualified only if attendance at school interfered with your ability to seek, accept, and work.

If you make a choice to not accept a job due to your school schedule, it could raise an issue of "refusal of suitable work" or the issue of your being "able and available" for work.

Check the very searchable Nevada Unemployment Rules.

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Jan 11, 2018
Well Yes Indeed and There are Websites All About the Eduction
by: Chris -

But the question was if there might be an educational grant if someone is also collecting unemployment .. which for a single mom might mean she's also concerned about being able to feed her kid on unemployment benefits.

She's just one person I would have in mind as benefiting from an employment workforce center but those benefits, are important to protect too.

The unemployment trick though, is to understand going into training with, or without a grant can affect regular unemployment benefits because of the conditional eligibility rules and issues, one must proactively work at, to avoid raising flags because of a state rules, in the interim while collecting benefits.

In other words, what conditional rules does someone have to think about, to remain eligible to collect, while they complete grant funded job training, or going to any kind of school while they collect benefits..

Like being able and available to accept work .. and apply to look for a suitable job, which hopefully, thanks to job training and some training grants out there .. will be a better job than their last .. that provides a better living wage.


Jan 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

Should be all about education.

Jun 29, 2011
get the system
by: Anonymous

Can i receive a single mom educational grant for school and also receive unemployment at same time.

Get the system?

Okay, I'll not try to figure out what you meant by that and move right on to what you are apparently missing.

It depends on the state, it depends on the programs offered by your state, and it depends on whether you contact your state's employment office and most of all, it depends on YOU making the effort to start checking into the possibility of a program that offers the possibility of "unemployment training benefits of some kind.

Of course you would also need to be approved for the program ..

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