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new mexico unemployment

by lisa

i lived and worked in new mexico from 99-2000 . i worked for a full year, i have lived in ohio for 10 years now and have exhausted all my unemployment from ohio, is it possible to file a claim from the time i worked there? now?

Hi Lisa,

I'm sorry I have nothing good to tell you about the possibility of unemployment after ten years.

It would not do any good to file a claim in New Mexico.

Unemployment claims always establish a base period and it is the earned wages in that base period which determine monetary eligibility for any claim. The furthest back the beginning of any base period might begin.. depends entirely on whether the state provides for the availability of "extended base periods". Ten years is much to long ago and you have since had subsequent wages and used them in a base period.

The details for the available base periods in each state are provided by the Unemployment law comparison chartbooks at DOLETA


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