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New owners. Not hired back. Do I put old owners name?

by Matthew

I worked at a restaurant in Washington. It was owned by a big company.

New company bought the restaurant. I was not hired back at new company. When filling out my claim, do I put the name and number of the restaurant? Or the name and number of the old company, the one that technically laid me off? Frankly, I am concerned that, If I put the number at the restaurant, one of the, rather unprofessional, managers there might claim that I was fired or quit or God knows what. I was, however, technically, laid off by the old company, so I would prefer to put the name of the big company. Problem with that method is that I don't have a phone number for the larger company. Perhaps I could find a number for their offices, but I'm not sure if that is good enough for the unemployment application. Any help/thoughts? Thanks

I don't see that you should need help .. because you were "technically laid off".

If you were laid off by your old company and was never offered a job and never worked for the new company as an employee.. and even if you gave them the restaurants number .. you would in fact be giving the state the wrong number for your last employer.

It's not like they,( meaning the state UI dept.) can't figure it out anyway .. even if you give them the wrong number.

Really, don't you have a termination letter from your last employer stating laid off as the reason for termination to fax when it comes time for an adjudication you fear the old manager might be able to cause?

Laid Off, is not the same as a quit or a discharge, as laid off can mean only one thing. A LACK of WORK.

Worrying about what a manager now working for a company you never worked for is like buying trouble in my view ..

Unless, you're trying to pull the wool over my eyes .. and really did quit by refusing work offered by the new company .. or got canned prior to or after the layoff.

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Oct 29, 2012
by: Matthew

After looking at your response again, maybe you were trying to be helpful. If so, maybe you need to work on your people skills. The way you word things comes across very negative. If you can't see that........

That being said, I'm done here. I will assume that you were trying to be helpful and we just had some miscommunication. If you want to believe that I misunderstood you, be my guest. I believe that you just word things badly. either way, no hard feelings. I think you had good did I.

Miscommnicating with the unemployment department is what I always try to help avoid if possible, because if you think I'm negative, cross your fingers your claim is found to be a technical lack of work claim and not forced into being adjudicated as a quit or a discharge on the merits.

You're welcome .. I guess.

Oct 28, 2012
by: Matthew

Your response feels very accusatory. I have simply not filed for unemployment before and am not sure how it all works.

You say "I don't see that you should need help .. because you were "technically laid off""

What does that mean?

To be clear, I was laid off by the old company (at least I believe that would be considered laid off, when the bussiness was sold, but I don't know exactly...which is why I'm here), and was not hired by the new company, exactly as I said. It was thier choice. They hired back all the other people(I believe), but not me. I had a very good history with them, worked there for 5 years, was a trainer, got raises, and had no write-ups or anything on my record. I did, however, have a minor disagreement with a manager, just before the store was bought by the new company. I assume that was the reason they did not hire me back, but I do not know. I recieved no letter or anything about not working there anymore. I was simply told that I was not rehired. All of my fellow employees, as well as the managers, including the manager I had the disagreement with, seemed shocked by the decision. It was our regional manager that made the decision, and I simply do not know his reasons.

As to which name and number for the business; again, I'm new to this. Anytime in the past that I told someone where I worked, I always said the name and number of the restaurant itself. Also, in the application for unemployment, I got the impression that they want a number where they can talk to the managers I actually worked with...AKA the managers at the restaurant itself. My fear about what managers at the restaurant might say was simply an honest fear (maybe you have never worked in a restaurant...they don't always hire the most professional of people). I have, since, realized that I should put the name of the old thanks to your negative, accusatory response.

I thought you were here to help people, not treat them like criminals. Never coming back here again. Matthew

Geez, and you wonder why you weren't hired by the new company.

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