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New Work is as an independent contractor being anInvestment advisor

After receiving unemployment benefits due to job elimination, I began a new career as an independent contractor selling insurance and mutual funds. So far this year, no income. Am I eligible to reapply for unemployment benefits?


You can certainly try to reopen your clam if it hasn't ended yet, but they will still be wanting to know details.

Self employment usually excludes people from being able to collect unemployment, but if you have an existing claim that possibly has a balance of benefits .. I'm not exactly certain of what the implications of "quitting self-employment" would do to your ability to continue collecting from that claim that was established due to a loss of "covered employment"

In other words .. I'm not sure if you have to have good cause to quit self employment when you reopen a claim or if you just considered to be not able and available while you were trying self-employment out.

If you tell me what state you live in and they happen to have a precedent guide .. I'd take a look to see if I might learn something new today.

Or you might also just call your unemployment office and ask them what they think and then come back and tell us so we can compare notes.

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