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New York - Base periods, qualifying formula and how to estimate your New York weekly benefit amount.

For New York State:

In what quarter is a work week considered if it is split between 2 quarters? For example, this coming Sept, the final week starts on Monday, Sept 28 and ends Oct 4.

When does base period date? Back one year from date you have applied for benefits?

Can you use amount of weeks to determine your rate instead of highest quarter? It used to be 20 weeks work in one year?


I have absolutely no idea about how they would handle a split week of any quarter. A quarter is 13 weeks.

New York's qualifying formula can be found in the resource linked to on the page about unemployment pay. It's Table 3-3. Table 3-5 tells you how they calculate the weekly benefit amount including the minimum wages needed to qualify for the maximum weekly benefit amount which is $405 .. unless they've increased it lately .. plus any thing from the feds on top of that.

It says that the formula is 1/26 of your high quarter wages .. as long as you have the additional wages in the rest of the base period to satisfy the qualifying formula.

The base period is relative to the date the claim is filed. Although New York does have an alternative base period of the last 4 completed quarters .. they only use it if the standard first 4 of the last 5 completed quarters won't qualify you.

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