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new york - Can I quit if I have been passed over for promotions and they won't give me a raise and collect unemployment?

I want to quit my job because it's going no where I was passed over for 2 promotions or lateral movement for another position.

I was told the first time I didn't show interest. So the second time we had PDP personal development program and I excelled in that program for the opening position, but yet again, I was passed over even though I did what they asked.

She keeps promising there's room for growth and I haven't seen one empty promises.

So I resorted to ask for a raise and I was also denied for that too.

Is it possible for me to quit and look for another job, maybe in a different field?

I'm just tempted to quit because they keep screwing me over. I haven't gotten a raise in 2 years. So I decided to ask here but i might end up doing it.


Hi Anonymous,

Given what you have told me here .. if you quit to move to a different field because you have been passed over for promotions and was not given a raise when you asked for one, you will be denied unemployment benefits .. so you will have to move forward if you choose to quit without the aid of benefits.

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Dec 10, 2009
training or school
by: Anonymous

Can I claim unemployment if I'm going to school or training?

What if i decide to go back to training or classes to get some certification?


I'm not quite sure under what conditions you are asking about getting unemployment while going to school.

If you quit your job to go back to school .. that is also a quit without good cause and to collect unemployment after a qualifying separation from a job and attending school can still create another issue of whether you are able and available for work .. unless in "state approved training".

I have a suggestion. Suck it up and keep the job for now. Look into getting funding from the government for that certification or training you want .. attend school in your spare time while working (it's a lot easier these days because of online training and programs) and then when you have the job of your dreams .. tell the job and manager that don't appreciate or value you enough in your opinion, to shove it .. and move on.

The resources for unemployed people besides a weekly benefit check are numerous and quite valuable. Every state in addition to the "unemployment department" must maintain "employment offices". (OneStop Career Centers)

Most of the resources and benefits available through these offices do not exclude people who were denied benefits nor those still with a job looking to get training to either improve their skills or change careers.

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