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New York - I walked out of my clerical job and was denied benefits.

by Cat
(New York)

I have appealed and want to know if I will be successful.

I read an e-mail that was sent to my coworker from my supervisor.I don't know if it matters that It was in someone else's mailbox. Not mine. In it my supervisor said she was "annoyed with my attitude". I was fed up because I feel that I was doing my supervisors work and my supervisor had no right to say that. Over the past year my supervisor mentioned a few times that my attitude was bad and why. I was doing my job, not bothering any one but did not want to do other work when my supervisor was out of town. Even though my job description included "other projects as assigned by the supervisor" I felt that I was doing her work and didn't like it.
My supervisor said bad things about former employees and I can prove it and I'm sure she said bad things about me, too. That's wrong...I feel that this is harassment. Is it?

Hi Cat,

I think you case is weak. You've mentioned things right here in your submission that self-disqualify you.

Your job description and the fact that you didn't like it when you had to do what you felt was "her work". Your attitude come through loud and clear.

You didn't mention anything about trying to resolve what you thought was unfair with a higher authority, although since "you annoyed her" and she mentioned a few times "your bad attitude and why" I'll assume you and she had discussions about your complaints.

As for her saying bad things about former employees and being able to prove it .. big deal they are former employees. I'd of rather seen "she talked bad about me to my co-workers and I can prove it"

You quit Cat, the burden of proof that you quit with good cause is completely yours. Do you have a copy of that email? It is why you walked out .. right?

Okay, so I think your case is weak .. but don't let that deter you from trying because there may be details which are not included here that could make the difference for you.

And so you can see how New York might decide your case read New York's precedents for voluntary quits

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