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New York - I've found a job, but want to know if I can

by Mike
(Nassau County, NY)

Hello. I am currently receiving unemployment benefits and I have a question as to when to end my claim. If I was to receive a full time position can I continue to claim benefits until I receive my first paycheck? Most companies pay every two weeks and some, like my last job, pay only two times per month, the 15th and 30th. Then there is the question of the employer witholding the first check for payment after employment ends in the future. Even though I would be working I would not have any income during the period from hire until my first check and still would have all of the bills and payments as I did before but without any income whatsoever.

Any help you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated!


Hi Mike,

No, you cannot receive unemployment in a week you have worked full-time .. whether paid yet or not for that week. Unemployment benefits end when you start a full-time job. They may continue if you are only working partime.

The claim usually remains there able to be reopened through the end of your benefit year if for some reason the new job ends.

Collecting while working full-time is considered unemployment fraud.

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Nov 22, 2009
Follow Up Question
by: Mike

Thank you very much, that's what I figured.

I do have a follow up question, it may be best to have a calendar handy. In this scenario I start a new job on Monday, November 30th and my first pay date is 2 weeks later on Tuesday, December 15th. From what I understand that when you claim unemployment benefits in NYS you are claiming for the week prior. If I was to claim benefits on Monday, 11/30 that would be for the week of the 23rd when I was not working, correct? So I would receive benefits paid for that week? Then there is an option when claiming to input the date returned to work, so I would select that and put in the 11/30 date. Would that end my benefits (unless restarted due to issues with the new company)? In NYS the first week of unemployment is a "waiting week", would I then get paid benefits for the waiting week as well or is that just a feature of the system and not subject to rolling to the end of benefits to assist workers while they await their first paycheck?

Thanks so much for your answers, there's really no place for people to find specific answers to their questions, it's a great service you provide!



Let's start backwards .. with the waiting week. Most states have one (not all) but the waiting week is unpaid .. you have to serve one unpaid waiting week before they pay you any benefits .. don't ask me why, because I don't know why, it's just how it is.

For someone who works "full-time", the usual duration of benefits for "total unemployment" is 26 weeks .. irregardless that a "benefit year" is 52 weeks .. and in the case of NY .. I believe 53 weeks.

You are correct about claiming weeks. We claim them after they have passed and they are usually identified by "week ending date".

Whether a state has claimants claim bi-weekly or weekly, you could of course claim a week if you worked less than full-time hours in that week.

Probably the most misunderstood and the thing people get confused about when claiming weeks, is that whether you were paid or not for that week yet .. they expect you to report your gross earnings for that week.

Not sure about NY, but the state where I live defines a week as Sunday through Saturday .. so if your waiting week is 11/15 ending 11/21 and your only unemployed week is 11/22 ending 11/28 .. you could expect a check for the second week only.

If the job doesn't work out .. the claim can be reopened before the end of the benefit year and it would still be based on your present base period wages with regard to the WBA .. but the separation from the subsequent job would control the nonmonetary determination.

Tried to cover everything .. but if there is a convolution I wasn't clear enough about .. just ask.

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